Top 5 Reasons to Have Mock Survey in Your Nursing Facility

When the staff in your nursing facility is performing as it should, it is sometimes hard to notice when there are some issues. Sometimes things break down, and you need an external eye to catch them. If you hire extra help to survey the facility processes, it is vital to ensure you get help from someone who knows what they are doing and can help. This is why most nursing facilities go to consultants for the facility’s mock survey. Here are the reasons you need a mock study in the facility.

  1. More Objectivity

Instead of using your internal team to provide details about the facility, it is best to use consultants for a mock survey. They will be unbiased and report facts as they are. The greatest thing about them is that they have been trained to work and think like surveyors. Therefore, when you want to know if there are any new issues you don’t know about in the facility, the mock survey will help you. The consultants will ensure you catch them early and fix them. Therefore, if you want an objective survey, use the help of consultants.

  1. Current System and Processes

Sometimes your staff may be sure it is doing the right thing that is no longer on the compliance list. Therefore, you may be missing out on the essential parts of compliance, considering that the policies keep changing. Therefore, get a mock survey team with knowledge of the current processes and systems to evaluate your compliance level. The team will identify the policies and procedures that need to be changed.

  1. Freedom to Express Concerns by Residents

Hiring consultants to survey your facility gives your residents a chance to express their concerns freely. The details and results of the survey will tell you how the residents feel and the areas you are underperforming. You will know the problem areas not pointed out to the resident council. The team will assure the residents that it is there as requested by the facility to know the places it needs to improve and how they feel about their stay there. In that case, residents will be comfortable expressing their concerns more than they can with the facility staff.

  1. Better Performance

Getting your staff prepared for a mock survey forces them to perform more. The staff may get comfortable around you or the manager. However, when an outside team supervises them, there is pressure to perform better. Therefore, get them used to mock surveys so that they will always serve better whether in the presence of the consultants or not.

  1. Quality Indicator Survey

The good thing about a mock survey is that it points out your strong and weak points. Your staff may know about QIS but might not know what it entails. Therefore, use the consultants’ help to understand your performance’s critical areas. It will help you deal with compliance issues.


These are five significant reasons your nursing facility should get a mock survey. It gives you an objective perspective and keeps you updated with compliance policies. It also allows residents to speak freely so that you can improve the weak areas.

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